About Us

Galaxy 1 Communications was established in 2005; consisting of 80 years of combined experience. It has offices in the USA (Fort Lauderdale and Dallas) and the Netherlands.

Galaxy 1 is specialised in integrating mobile satcom services and connections (like Inmarsat, Iridium etc), the terrestrial infrastructure, online firewalls, satcom equipment and the IP applications being used over the satellite network. Galaxy 1 has contracts with the major hardware suppliers (Hughes Network Systems LLC and Cobham/Thrane & Thrane) and is a DP for Inmarsat. In addition to the hardware and the service, Galaxy 1 offers a unique secure on-line Billing & Management platform, video/audio-streaming applications, tracking applications, a M2M management and control application (Remote Terminal Manager) and VOIP services.

In order to comply with the strict security requirement for utilities and government, Galaxy 1 operates its own PoP in Amsterdam and New York, has its own APN and a private IP network specifically designed for utilities. This infrastructure is being managed by Galaxy 1 personnel  who maintained Dept of Defense security clearances in prior roles.