AgFunder Announces Gotham Analytics Launching Capital Raise

Gotham Analytics, a New Jersey-based provider of end-to-end power and communications solutions to businesses operating in off-grid locations, is launching a $2 million equity fundraising campaign on AgFunder, the leading agriculture-focused online investment platform.

Founded in 2009, Gotham Analytics serves enterprise customers in several industries, including agriculture, infrastructure and utilities. The company has developed proprietary technology with mesh networks of solar-powered remote devices with satellite connectivity.

In agriculture, for example, many large farming operations still lack access to standard infrastructure, like grid power and reliable cellular and internet connections. For these operations, which include large agribusiness and farms, Gotham Analytics connects any hardware device in the field — from soil sensors to weather stations — to its network by plugging them into its proprietary adaptors or connecting wirelessly. The base mesh cells can connect to most satellite constellations, and can sustainably power several devices or sensors connected to them reliably off-grid with solar panels integrated into the devices. In addition to hardware, Gotham Analytics also provides analytics software as a service, creating a true end-to-end product.

In its other verticals, infrastructure and utilities, companies face problems because there is no reliable back-up to critical assets vulnerable to natural disasters and power outages. In these sectors, for example, Gotham’s technology is being used to monitor tide gates, back up critical equipment at substations, or provide thermal imagery for dams.

Gotham has existing enterprise customers with multi-year contracts in all of these verticals, including TransCanada, PSE&G and the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority. The annual market size for Gotham Analytics’ three core markets — precision agriculture, flood control and utility substation automation — is estimated by research to be greater than $14 billion by 2022.

“Some clients look to the Gotham Analytics’ platform to provide proactive information on potential disaster events, while others look to demonstrate compliance with industry standards and improve farm operations and traceability. No matter the use case, we provide a reliable and integrated solution to power, communication and data for these customers,” said Yogi Sookhu, CEO and Founder of Gotham Analytics.

Gotham Analytics is raising a $2 million round of equity capital on AgFunder to fulfill existing contracts and continue its growth. View details about the investment opportunity on AgFunder The opportunity is open to accredited investors only.

About Gotham Analytics

Gotham Analytics is a New Jersey based company offering communication and monitoring technology solutions for a variety of market applications using 100% satellite connectivity, solar and proprietary power management technology. The company operates in markets and areas of the world beyond the reach of standard infrastructure, including reliable grid power and cellular and Internet connections. The technology can provide coverage in key areas with very little installation time and is compatible with most existing systems. Gotham Analytics solutions are currently used in several mission critical projects by enterprise customers in the agriculture, infrastructure and utilities markets. To learn more, visit

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AgFunder is the world’s first online investment platform created specifically to connect accredited investors with world-class agriculture and agtech investment opportunities. Every company featured on AgFunder is evaluated for its economic and technical merits by our expert team of agriculture and business experts, providing potential investors access to some of the most promising agriculture investment opportunities. To learn more, visit

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