Critical Upgrade for IsatPhone Pro Handsets

A critical firmware update version 5.3.0 is available for the IsatPhone Pro handset.

This is a mandatory firmware upgrade to prevent users being impacted by a fault in product operation and planned network enhancements.

As announced earlier, a fault was identified with IsatPhone Pro firmware versions 5.1.0 and 5.2.0 (the latest) that affects handsets manufactured since 7 September 2012. The fault causes the battery on these phones not to charge while the handset is switched off. If the battery is allowed to run flat, then it becomes impossible to charge the battery with the phone connected to the wall charger provided, unless the battery is charged externally or the phone is connected to a USB low drip charger (e.g. laptop or desktop PC with installed IsatPhone Pro USB drivers).

*All Handsets must be upgraded, the fault in production is limited to handsets manufactured since 7 September 2012 but the planned network enhancements affect ALL IsatPhone Pro Handsets. IsatPhone Pro handsets not upgraded to firmware version v 5.3.0 will no longer be able to register with the network after these changes have been carried out and will be unable to make or receive calls.*

For access to the firmware, please visit our support site at –

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