Critical upgrade for Thrane & Thrane / Cobham Satellite terminals

A critical firmware update version 1.16 is available for the Thrane and Thrane (Cobham SATCOM) SAILOR 150, SAILOR 250, SAILOR 500, EXPLORER 325 and EXPLORER 727 terminals.

Enhancements to the Inmarsat network scheduled for early June will impact the behaviour of the SAILOR and EXPLORER IP handsets.

Terminals not upgraded to version 1.16 or above will experience an issue when receiving calls through a Thrane and Thrane IP handset.

In this case, the IP handset will not ring and will fail to alert the user of an incoming call.

However, two-wire handsets connected to the terminal are unaffected and will ring normally.

Cobham SATCOM will extend the warranty of the SAILOR 500 for terminals that have upgraded to version 1.16 by 1 June 2013.

Other new features in this firmware release include support for fax and 3.1kHz audio on the SAILOR 150 and access to ThraneLINK, a sophisticated communication protocol that connects all the SAILOR products in the ThraneLINK network.

For access to the firmware, please visit our support site at –


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