BGAN Bluetooth Issues

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Is more than one network connection open?

Check the network connections settings for your operating system.

The connection to the terminal should be the only active connection. (In normal operation, it is best to have only one active connection.)

To check this:

• On a Windows PC, select Start > Control Panel > Network Connections. If you see an open connection other than the terminal connection, right-click on the connection and select Disable.

• On a Mac, simply make sure that the wireless and Bluetooth interfaces are disabled.

Is your Bluetooth connection correctly configured?

This section applies to the EXPLORER 300, EXPLORER 500, EXPLORER 700 and Nera WorldPro 1000/1010.

• By default, the Bluetooth interface is disabled. To enable the interface, in BGAN LaunchPad go to Terminal > Bluetooth Interface Settings, and click on Enable.

• The terminal supports various Bluetooth profiles. Remember to activate/install the profile(s) you are going to use on your computer. For a list of supported profiles, refer to the documentation supplied with your terminal.

• The Bluetooth device should be placed within a specified maximum distance of the terminal. The maximum distance varies depending on the terminal. Note that this is the maximum distance in open air; the actual distance may be shorter, depending on the environment.

Note:  Refer to the documentation supplied with your terminal.

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