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Why did the BGAN launch pad show Hamilton, Ontario, Canada complete with latitude and longitude when I turned on the HSN9201 in Washington DC?

The GPS reception was incomplete. Make certain the unit has been turned on and pointed up into the sky to receive GPS signals from at least three different satellites.

Why can’t I make a wireless connection between my laptop and the HSN9201?

Make certain the wireless ability of the HSN9201 has been enabled. Its default is disabled. To turn it on, connect the Ethernet cable between the laptop and the HSN9201. Launch Launchpad; when the connection is complete, left click on Terminal: left click on WLAN settings; left click on Enable. Since the HSN9201 can support several WIFI connections, choose 64K WEP with an ASCII password of five letters.

What are the steps I should take to troubleshoot a lack of connectivity?

There are many pieces to this satellite phone and data network. Click below for a detailed guide for the Hughes HNS 9201 BGAN satellite phone and data modem.
Is the BGAN Launchpad software installed on your computer?

IF NO, install the software. Make certain it’s version 2.6.1

IF YES, proceed

Is the HSN9201 powered up?

IF NO, turn it on

IF YES, proceed:

Is the HSN9201 GPS light a solid green?

IF NO, lay the unit down flat and wait until the GPS light is solid green

IF YES, proceed

Is the HSN9201 pointed correctly?

IF NO, use the onboard audiovisual system to set the azimuth and angle of the unit to the highest-pitch sound and the most number of green lights on the unit.

IF YES, proceed

Is the HSN9201 connected with an Ethernet cable to a laptop with BGAN Launchpad software?

IF NO, make certain the Ethernet cable is firmly seated in the RJ-45 Ethernet port on the HSN9201 (the middle port) and the Ethernet port (RJ-45) port on the laptop computer.

IF YES, proceed

Is the BGAN Launchpad program open on your computer?

IF NO, launch the program

IF YES, proceed

Is the BGAN Launchpad program showing a connection to your HSN9201?

IF NO, double check that the Ethernet cable is securely inserted in both Ethernet ports.

IF NO, double check that the HSN9201 is still powered up by checking the lights on the top of the unit.

IF YES, proceed

Is the BGAN Launchpad program showing the HSN9201 is registered with the network?

IF NO, left click on the register with network button; a pop-up window will appear on screen to show the registration process; when it disappears, the middle lower display on the Launchpad will indicate that your unit is registered

IF YES, proceed

If you want to establish a Standard Data Connection do you see that icon?

IF NO, left click on the Data icon; after the screen has changed, left click on the Standard Connection button; wait for the icon to change to read Disconnect Standard—that means you’re connected

IF YES, proceed

Does the Standard Connection button change to indicate that you’re connected?

IF NO, double check the IP configuration; double check the APN

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