About Us

Galaxy 1 Communications was established in 2005; consisting of 80 years of combined experience. Since then its  grown to have a presence that extends to every region of the globe.

Galaxy 1 is specialized in integrating mobile satcom services and connections (like Inmarsat, Iridium etc), the terrestrial infrastructure, online firewalls, satcom equipment and the IP applications being used over the satellite network. Galaxy 1 has contracts with industry leading hardware suppliers Hughes Network Systems LLC and Cobham/Thrane & Thrane and is a Distribution Provider for Inmarsat. In addition to hardware and services, Galaxy 1 offers a unique secure online Billing & Management platform, video/audio-streaming applications, tracking applications, an M2M management and control application (Remote Terminal Manager) and VOIP services.

In order to comply with the highness levels of security requirement for utilities and governments, Galaxy 1 operates its own Points of Presence in major regions around the globe, including the Americas, Europe and Asia.  Leveraging hubs in Amsterdam and New York, has its own APN and a private IP network specifically designed for utilities. This infrastructure is being managed in-house by Galaxy 1 personnel who maintained Department of Defense security clearances in prior roles.