Cobham SATCOM Introduces EXPLORER 8100, the World’s First Stabilized Drive-Away VSAT Antenna

Cobham Land Mobile News Banner6-29-2015
Cobham Land Mobile News

Today is an exciting day as Cobham launches the latest innovative antenna system in Cobham SATCOM’s highly regarded EXPLORER portfolio for land ‘Comms-On-The-Pause’ users.
Developed completely in-house, the new one meter EXPLORER 8100 Auto-Acquire Drive-Away antenna is designed to offer unparalleled performance, ensuring high quality connectivity on any Ku- and Ka- band networks. The terminal features genuine EXPLORER design, which is already established and proven with our highly regarded EXPLORER BGAN and GX terminals.
With EXPLORER 8100, we have focused on ultra-reliable connectivity even in situations where the vehicle is experiencing sudden movements or rocking on its suspension while the antenna is transmitting. This could be caused by high winds or more commonly, people stepping in or out of the vehicle. Particularly important for Ka-band usage, mechanical impacts as small as 0.3 degrees may lead to an immediate loss of signal. We have introduced ‘Dynamic Pointing Correction’ from our stabilized Maritime Antennas on this new series of Land Comms-On-The-Pause VSAT antennas, which ensures uninterrupted transmission when similar antennas would experience a complete loss of signal.
EXPLORER 8100 features a state-of-the-art RTM carbon fiber reflector, which provides impeccable precision. When combined with pointing correction technologies, EXPLORER 8100 is the most accurate Drive-Away VSAT antenna on the market. It also features industry-fast satellite acquisition with pointing achieved automatically in less than two minutes.
The system is available in both Ka- and Ku-band configurations and works with all major satellite networks. A swappable feed system allows users to change frequency bands, ensuring they have full choice of what services to use throughout the lifetime of the antenna.
EXPLORER 8100 comes with built-in Wi-Fi for easy access to the terminal and the same Web-based user-interface developed for Cobham SATCOM’s cutting edge Inmarsat GX series of antennas. Once connected, EXPLORER 8100 provides high performance, continuous connectivity in the field, optimally supporting high definition video streaming, high throughput data transfer and tactical and emergency communication.
We hope you agree that the innovative technology Cobham has introduced on EXPLORER 8100 really do raise-the-bar for Drive-Away antennas. The system features revolutionary design that makes it strong, reliable and easy to install while the time it takes to get connected from a cold start sets a new industry standard.
First customer shipment of EXPLORER 8100 is planned for October 2015. For further information please contact your Regional Sales Manager.

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