Inmarsat Fleet Broadband

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What is Inmarsat Fleet F77?

Inmarsat Fleet is the first new dedicated Inmarsat Maritime communications system since 1993, providing ocean going vessels with comprehensive global voice, data and fax communications. As with Inmarsat A and B, the service also provides voice distress and safety communications – with Inmarsat Fleet F77 now meeting the latest relevant IMO
GMDSS requirements. Inmarsat Fleet F77 is the first service in the Fleet family. Fleet terminals offer voice and data services in the Maritime sector. Details of
further services within the Fleet family, each aimed at specific sectors of the Maritime industry, will be announced by Inmarsat during 2002.

What is the target market for Inmarsat Fleet F77?

The number “77” relates to the approximate diameter of the antenna ( i.e.70-85cm). This places the Fleet F77 in the larger, deep-sea vessels market served until now by Inmarsat A and B. The first Fleet
family member, F77, is the premier service in this portfolio – as with Inmarsat A and B, the service includes Global maritime coverage, differentiating from other services such as Mini-M.

What benefits will Inmarsat Fleet Marine Satellite service give me?

  • Cost effective communications
  • Flexible access to new shipboard applications
  • Choice of appropriate channels (MPDS / ISDN).
  • Faster access to data and communications up to 64K through ISDN o Improved safety
  • Meets Voice, distress and safety requirements for new satellite systems within the GMDSS.

How fast is ISDN over Inmarsat Fleet F77 and Fleet 55?

Inmarsat Fleet F77 ISDN provides a 64Kbps link (‘Euro ISDN’). N.B. As with any such connection, the actual speed of delivery depends on the slowest link between the user and the distant end, and the application used, which may deliver less than 64Kbps. AND, for Fleet 77 users, there is an upgrade to 128Kbps service available.

How fast is MPDS over Inmarsat Fleet F55 and F77?

The MPDS channel is designed for on-line connectivity where a high-speed connection is not a key requirement. As with the Global Area Network service, this service is provided initially at an undefined bit-rate. Speed therefore depends on the number of users accessing the bearer at any one time. As and when required, the network will release new channels for usage, dependent on demand levels. As billing is no longer time-related, this is purely a user experience issue.

What are the Voice options available with Inmarsat Fleet?

Inmarsat Fleet F77 is equipped with the widely successful Mini-M voice Codec, but of course providing a global service. o Very high quality (3.1Khz) voice also available on a separate channel but not widely required in practice in the Maritime market.

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