Distribution Automation

Electric utilities can deploy BGAN for automated monitoring of elements along power distribution lines, especially in remote areas and cellular dark spots. In these cases, a single, high-availability connection at an access point that is fed by distribution devices (as reclosers, fault indicators, capacitor banks, and other components) may be the best solution for monitoring and control.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Extending the reach of AMI with proven and documented High Availability Satellite solutions. Robust services that are able to be deployed in a wide range of situations, without adding complexity. Easy to deploy, easy to maintain.

Field Force Automation

Keeping work crews working AND in touch. Period.  No gaps in communications, no weak spots.  The leader in data communications in inclement weather. Allowing workers to feel safe on site.

Disaster Recovery

Business continuity is vital for utilities that provide essential services such as electricity, water and gas to millions of people, so they need to be able to recover immediately from natural or manmade disasters. When a catastrophic event causes terrestrial networks to fail, utilities companies can rapidly deploy Inmarsat terminals to provide an alternative communications path, enabling them to maintain communications and run critical applications.


Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas Exploration

Crews on the ground can use satellite communications to transmit seismic surveys, drilling data, geophysical and mud logs to company HQ from anyplace on the globe.


Drilling and Production Services

Operators have access to voice, fax and e-mail capabilities to transmit the latest drilling information and job status back to company headquarters. Reporting in real-time (manned or unmanned) on critical issues like geology, temperature and pressure can be more closely monitored and managed.


Oil Field Service

Field crews can use voice and data communications to improve reporting capabilities with customers on the most current rig and well data.  In addition Galaxy 1 provide HQ realtime access to all remote assets/RTU through a satellite IP device. All platforms are serviced by our 24×7 Network Operations and Security Center. 

Remote Monitoring

The need to remotely monitor and control vital equipment (e.g. RTU’s) through a satellite communication IP platform is becoming increasingly important. These platforms offer a single-network implementation which does not rely upon existing cellular terrestrial infrastructure, and which is therefore more immune from natural and man-made catastrophes.

Humanitarian Aid

Galaxy 1 provides instant voice communications and broadband access to NGO workers and relief organizations around the globe. Galaxy 1 enables NGO’s with both semi permanent remote installation and/or temporary emergency telecoms centers to collect data from the field and communicate with the headquarters. In addition Galaxy 1 is specialized in the support of allocating satellite airtime cost to internal NGO cost centers, an often serious requirement.

Galaxy 1 is committed to provide the best products and solutions to NGOs and UN agencies working in isolated locations, where conflicts or natural disasters may cause a breakdown in conventional communication networks.


Emergency response

Field workers can set up a mobile broadband office providing voice and data connectivity for up to 10 users simultaneously – with the same BGAN service they used in the initial response. Once their office is set up, Emergency workers can be in 24/7 contact with their support team back at headquarters and with convoys bringing in food, tents, blankets and other equipment.


Disaster Relief

Frontline staff can be talking on the phone, sending text messages, emailing, and accessing the internet and corporate applications – to do all that’s necessary to distribute aid efficiently.

BGAN also lets them join videoconferences and to send video to help assess the situation and contribute to important decision-making. And they can access geographic information systems for the latest data, such as the location of medical services, working water taps, open petrol stations and routes to food distribution points.

With BGAN your first people on the scene of a disaster can co-ordinate search and rescue efforts, set up medical centres and oversee delivery of aid to survivors.


Post disaster Reconstruction

As disaster response moves from providing essential aid to reconstruction, BGAN can continue to meet the needs of your expanding team of project managers, technicians, contractors and administrators.

BGAN gives them reliable access to all the software on your main servers, so they’re able to schedule tasks, solve problems, analyse risks, manage activities, control quality, update key people and review progress as if they were back in HQ.



In today’s competitive and demanding news broadcasting environment, the need to respond quickly to breaking news and other news events has become more and more crucial. Galaxy 1 is a complete solution provider, offers a suite of video encoding solutions combined with all the satellite communication services that enable high speed data and 3.1 Khz voice. The objective is to provide rich, cost effective, portable and flexible live broadcast video solutions to enable reporters in the field and at the bureau to easily switch between both live and store & forward broadcast options. 


Information Security