Oil & Gas

Whether you work for a major, an independent, a refinery, services or pipeline company or any other classification of extraction exploration, production or transmission organization, having reliable voice and data connectivity with your operational assets is critical. Your requirement is to have corporate network standards in the field “anywhere in the world” so that you can concentrate on your job and not worry about your technology. In addition the HQ has a direct link into the field operations, thus has greater control of their remote sites and increase workers’ safety.  Their teams can send test results, still images and video back to base for immediate analysis and consultation – helping to improve exploration efficiency and reduce find-time. Galaxy 1 has the knowledge, capability and experience to bring integrated solutions to the table. Galaxy 1 delivers communications systems (intrinsically safe), solutions and services to customers around the world using the most effective transport technologies and enterprise IT solutions available.


Oil & Gas Exploration

Crews on the ground can use satellite communications to transmit seismic surveys, drilling data, geophysical and mud logs to company HQ from anyplace on the globe.


Drilling and Production Services

Operators have access to voice, fax and e-mail capabilities to transmit the latest drilling information and job status back to company headquarters. Reporting in real-time (manned or unmanned) on critical issues like geology, temperature and pressure can be more closely monitored and managed.


Oil Field Service

Field crews can use voice and data communications to improve reporting capabilities with customers on the most current rig and well data.  In addition Galaxy 1 provide HQ realtime access to all remote assets/RTU through a satellite IP device. All platforms are serviced by our 24×7 Network Operations and Security Center.