Field Force Automation

To work efficiently, engineers and maintenance crews in the field need to maintain regular contact with headquarters to receive work instructions and technical information. Cellular networks often meet this requirement, but often cannot be relied on in rural and remote areas. They are also unsuitable for exchanging large data files because of their limited and minimal bandwidth.

Galaxy 1 offers a comprehensive, secure satellite solution for mobile workers in the utilities sector – from handheld voice through to mobile broadband data at up to 492kbps. The IsatPhone Pro is a lightweight satphone with a long battery life and rugged design and will equip mobile workers with clear, reliable voice communications from any location. Other features include voicemail, text and email messaging, as well as GPS location data. When mobile broadband data is required in addition to voice, BGAN terminals are available from a range of manufacturers. The lightest BGAN terminal weighs less than 1kg, and all are easy to set up and use. The service provides voice and simultaneous IP data connections of up to 492kbps and supports all standard office applications, including email, internet browsing, videoconferencing, file transfer and VPN access. Roof-mounted vehicular versions of BGAN offer a true ‘comms on the move’ solution.

To manage a vast fleet of assets, ask us about our Remote Terminal Manager system.  With automated monitors and alerts, you will reduce support requirements and manage assets in the field more efficiently.

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