Auto Accessory Adaptor for 9500/9505

Description Details


The Motorola Iridium cigarette lighter adaptor restores full battery power to Motorola Iridium Satellite Series 9500 or 9505 portable satellite phones from any operating vehicle. The Motorola Iridium cigarette lighter adaptor is not compatible with newer model Iridium 9505A model satellite telephones.


Connect one end of the Motorola Iridium cigarette lighter adapter to the phone’s power connector and the other to any standard 12 V cigarette lighter outlet to charge the battery. You can make and receive satellite phone calls while the phone is charging.

Tech Specs

  • Charges Motorola 9500 or 9505 satellite phones
  • Coiled wire design extends or retracts as needed
  • Provides secure connection to phone while charging
  • Input voltage: 10.8 – 33 VDC
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C  to +85°C


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