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SCADA Protection for Global IP Broadband

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The G1 ENCLOSURE is the additional housing and protection for the Hughes terminals.

It guards your investment whether it is for environmental purposes, inclement weather protection or to disguise the visibility.  With the launch of a true global broadband ‘Machine-to-Machine’ product, the G1 ENCLOSURE represents a vital piece to a complete integrated IP SCADA solution.

The G1 ENCLOSURE is specifically designed to fit the Hughes 9201-M2M Bgan satellite modem.  This NEMA R3 polycarbonate heated rugged enclosure can withstand varying weather conditions for an extended period of time.  It hosts the standard Hughes mount dimensions in order to adequately install and mount the enclosure.  For extreme weather circumstances, there is the option to have an additional resident heater/cooler element built-in. This element also provides terminal blocks for two additional AC power sockets (e.g. for additional equipment).

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Weight 6.3 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 33 × 30 in

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