Multiband ALPHA 24 IR Antenna

Description Details


The ALPHA range includes the ALPHA GSM GPS (Iridium CELL GPS) and VENUS IR (Iridium GPS) & the VEGA magmount accessory, which converts the ALPHA & VENUS into a Magnetic Mount antenna.

Multiband, through our manufacturing partners‘Webb Industries’, produces and supplies worldwide a wide range of Iridium antennas. These include the external VENUS and ALPHA roof mount antennas and the PCB-based embedded combination antennas for integration inside black box designs referred to as the OEM IR range. These antennas are a combination of Iridium, GPS, GSM, WIFI and Zigbee. Multiband also undertakes antenna design projects using in-house design and rapid prototype printing.

Tech Specs

  • Aesthetic    design – shark fin
  • Low    profile
  • Small    footprint
  • 3    antennas in one
  • Injection    molded housing
  • Iridium    CELL GPS, Iridium GPS and Iridium 2.4GHz options
  • Roof    mount
  • Various    cable and connection options
  • Magmount accessory    available
  • Available    with RG174, LMR100 or RG58
  • Multiple    connector choices
  • Roof    mount
  • IP66    – sealed cable exit



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