Machine 2 Machine / SCADA

M2M/SCADA Solutions

Global coverage through a portable IP Broadband transceiver                          

Remote monitoring through satellite communication platforms that provide complete global coverage in isolated areas is becoming increasingly important. These platforms offer a single-network implementation which does not rely upon existing cellular terrestrial infrastructure, and which is therefore more immune from natural and man-made catastrophes. SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is a system that collects data from various sensors at a remote factory, plant or other structure and transmits it to a central computer for analysis, management and control.

Two Global SCADA Offerings

Galaxy 1 offers two types of SCADA solutions that provide global full duplex communications between the central office and remote field locations. The solutions are differentiated based on throughput (from 192 bytes per message up to 492Kb/s for a 24/7 IP connection). All transceivers are rugged enough to withstand any weather conditions.


Inmarsat’s Broadband Global Area Network service (BGAN) provides both voice and real-time IP data (up to 492 Kbit/s) simultaneously through a single, truly portable satellite transceiver with global coverage. The BGAN solution is being adopted and deployed for a wide range of SCADA applications worldwide, using the Hughes 9201 and 9502 BGAN terminal. This BGAN user terminal has been specifically built for permanent outdoor remote unmanned SCADA applications. Installed with a customized remote IP control firmware, it enables remote command activation.


IDP is Inmarsat’s low data service that provides up to 192bytes per message (store-and-forward). This service is ideal for tracking, monitoring and controlling remote fixed and mobile assets with relatively low amount of data. It comes with a low-cost terminal that is easy to use, install and maintain. It features low power consumption terminals delivering seamless global coverage.