Re – Billing Platforms

Re-billing Solutions

Galaxy 1 developed its next generation online billing and management system called IBIS. The platform is a secured full turn-key online billing solution that can be used for looking up call records, provisioning new SIM cards, downloading invoices, set traffic alerts and many more features. It also can be used for re-billing and/or cost allocation as this could be a very complicated process with thousands of different call types. Galaxy 1 has designed an web-enabled database that automatically loads all call detail records (CDR’s) from the various satellite operators, like Inmarsat, Thuraya and Iridium, into IBIS on a near realtime basis (depending on the satellite operator). The end-user or distributor is able to give online access to its various (internal) customers and profit centers for more detailed information, if required.

Services from all Mobile Satcom Operators Combined In One System

•     All Inmarsat services included; Bgan, FBB, I-Satphone Pro, Fleet, Gan, FleetBroadband, MiniM, Inm. C and Inm. B and Isat DataPro

•     All Thuraya services; Voice, Data, Thuraya IP and GSM in and outbound

•     All Iridium services; Voice, Data and Short Burst Data


Online provisioning

All devices can easily be activated/deactivated online. The activation request is being processed through comprehensive workflow system. You are able to suspend/resume SIM cards; you can make any changes to your SIM cards (e.g. give SIM card a nick-name so that it appears on the invoice).


Credit Control & Monitoring

Eliminate billing surprises by monitoring and controlling expenses. GALAXY 1 provides online access to build rules to limit your credit risk, create individual and group SIM credit limits, alerts, and automatic suspension features. In IBIS you have the option to create traffic alerts based on a US Dollar amount, Mbytes or minutes. By email you will be informed that a SIM card hit a certain threshold. It is even possible to suspend a card automatically once it hit the threshold.


Re-billing / cost allocation

IBIS provides the ability to rebill or allocate cost for  all mobile satcom services. First an end-user or profit centers need to be created then you link SIM cards to the end-user or profit centers. The last step is to link the SIM cards to a priceplan. The distributor can create its own ‘price’ plans. This includes all the rates, the increments (by sec/min or by bytes), minimal connection times, pooled plans and monthly subscription fee’s etc.

The distributor has the option to allocate the cost either by individual SIM card or by a group of SIM cards. The distributor can provide online access to the enduser (or internal cost center) as well. There will be a charge for this module depending on the requirements.